Roof Maintenance

Why You Should Consider a Roof Maintenance Program

Most building owners think about their roof only when there’s a problem — usually a leak. By then, water has damaged the building and it may have even caused a slip-and-fall accident. When this happens, the building owner’s or property manager’s only choice is to call a roofing contractor and get the roof repaired.

Manufacturer warranties may include exclusions.

To avoid these costly, and often emergency, situations, some building owners invest in Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs, intended to catch minor problems before they lead to serious roof damage. Although, most building owners have already purchased a 10-, 15-, or 20-yr. warranty on the roof system, what many of them don’t understand is that warranties often contain exclusions and require the owner to “properly maintain” the roof to validate the warranty.

Bi-annual inspections recommended.

To maintain the effectiveness of the Manufacturer’s Warranty over the lifetime of the Warranty, and to obtain best performance from your roofing system, we highly recommend to perform bi-annual inspections of your roof in the spring and fall, as well as immediately after any significant weather events, to make sure that your roof is free of any conditions that may cause unnecessary injury to the roof deck, leading to expensive repairs and possible damage to the building interior.

Hire a Manufacturer Certified Contractor.

In addition to the bi-annual inspections referenced above, we recommend that you initiate a service contract with a Manufacturer Certified contractor. Manufacturer Certified contractors have thorough knowledge of all types of roof top technology and full service professional abilities in solving roof damaging problems.

ADCO SOUTH Roofing and Waterproofing is certified to install all major brands. We can provide Roof Maintenance Programs for 5 to 10 years, or even a one-time maintenance service.

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