Zuma Bay Villas

Malibu, CA

Zuma Bay Villas is a 19 build HOA on the ocean in Malibu. It was built in 1975 with a red standard weight roofing tile. Over the last 46 years the existing tiles have created roof sag or deflection. That put us on a 2 year mission to find the right lite weight tile that the community could agree on. The end result was a Grey Slate composite tile made by Davinci Roofscapes. When installed the new tile drastically reduces the weight on the rafters which will keep them from experiencing new deflection issues in the future. Unfortunately the current deflection will need to be addressed to give a clean roof line after install.


Custom Celebrity Home

Location is a secret…

This project was a custom celebrity home. It was a unique reroof where the client had existing wood shake. Due to multiple fires over the years, their insurance company was going to drop them if they didn’t reroof with a Class A fire rated product. The client still wanted the wood shake look so we found a product called CeDur that has both the fire rating they needed with the look of wood shake.

Celebrity Home Dual Aerial View 2

Mirador at Rancho Niguel HOA

We removed the existing roofing and installed a 3-ply PolyGlass modified bitumen roofing system on 33 carports. This provided an extremely reliable and long-lasting roofing system with a 25 year NDL warranty.

Mirador at Rancho Niguel 2