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Professional Roof Inspection Checklist

Periodic roof inspections are essential to the overall longevity of your building. Sometimes there is damage that you cannot see and when left untreated, serious, and expensive damage can result. Even if you have not noticed any physical signs of damage or water leaks it is always a good idea to get your roof checked regularly. Since there is so much damage that can be hidden to the untrained eye, it is important to get professional inspections to identify any problems right away.

You need to identify the cause of any cracks, damage, or water leaks. Even a small leak can be a sign of a serious problem and knowing the extent of the damage early is your best bet. Of course, you can inspect the roof yourself, but there is a significant chance you will miss items like rot and mold, structural issues, improper flashing, and gutter damage. You should always check your roof after heavy rain and gusty winds. If you don’t see the damage, it is worth hiring a professional to look to make sure.

If you decide to check the roof yourself, be careful while on the ladder. For those who are not used to climbing tall ladders regularly, this can be more dangerous than you expect. Each year in the U.S., more than 100 people die and thousands more are injured from ladder-related falls. So, if you are not sure you need to leave it to the professionals.

With the help of a licensed and professional roofing company, you can be assured of a quality inspection as well as a thorough assessment of any damage. They will provide you with a report of any damage as well as a fair estimate of the repairs required. The key factors they will consider during a roof inspection include:

Obvious damage: A roofing inspection looks for visible damage to the roof including deformation of any structures. It also includes identifying areas of built-up debris or pooled water that can cause future damage. A check of the gutter system is also done because damage here needs immediate attention but is often overlooked.

Examining the exterior: You need to check the vents, chimney, drip edges and decking for damage and most people miss these. A professional inspector will be sure to look at these components to make sure nothing is missing. Chimneys, vents, and skylights are notorious for getting leaks and if not treated immediately, you will end up with severe damage.

Check the attic: The interior of a roof is just as important as the exterior and may show signs of damage that cannot be seen outside. Locating the actual source of the damage is tricky because the source o a leak can be located far away from the leak itself. Without a professional, you may not detect the source and it will likely cause even further and more expensive damage.

Find a Roofer with Good Reputation

You need to hire a reputable roofing contractor. It is essential that they have the knowledge and experience to adequately meet your needs. There are several roofing companies that operate scams, so you need to thoroughly research any company before hiring them. Make sure they can present their licenses and proof of insurance when asked. In fact, any trustworthy business will have this paperwork ready to go for you. Additionally, you can gather information about any company through different review websites.

We are fully licensed with decades of experience and can guarantee quality service and honest work. Our happy and satisfied customers can attest to our services. We can promise you nothing but the best when it comes to your roofing needs. Note, we provide free roof inspections for new customers. SAMPLE ROOF INSPECTION CHECKLIST.

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